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There is an Excel spreadsheet that has been making its way around. The spreadsheet calculates the effect of furlough on your pay. I know that DHS posted it for their staff to see. It has also been sent out in e-mails to union members at least on a Local level. I don't honestly know who created it. (If you do, please let us know.)

There has been one major complaint about the spreadsheet, it's protected, so you can't fill in your own furlough hours. We've taken the liberty to fix this issue. The worksheet is now unprotected so you can fill in your own furlough hours for each month this biennium. (Remember that furlough must be taken in 8 hour blocks.)  We've also only marked furlough for the months with mandatory office closures (as they are listed for the DAS contract). Any floating days you can fill in yourself.

One final improvement is at the bottom of the sheet. We added a Total line so you can see the overall effect of the furlough days you select.

Furlough calculation-eye.xls21.5 KB

Re: Furlough calculator

Great spreadsheet idea, can you post a link to a download? This shows the real dollar impact of what has been done.

[Ed.: This post was originally attempted on 9-Oct-2009 and has been recovered—see this forum post for more information.]

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Re: Furlough calculator

Thanks. We didn't create the original file, we just tweaked it a little. And the link to download should be available for everyone now.

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