Final Thoughts

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 While I haven't been active here for a long time, I wanted to post a few final thoughts before the site goes static to protect us from possible prosecution under the current administration's handling of freedom of speech and protections for content platforms.

  1. Just because this site isn't active doesn't mean that we're not still watching. 
  2. Beware of union-busters in disguise. I'm looking at you HOT ticket. -- This site was never about bringing down the Union, so don't think that we have anything in common.
  3. Union-busters should be stripped of their membership. It's in the Bylaws! If our leadership is so gutless as to not take action, they deserve the horrible fate that's coming for them.
  4. Get out and VOTE! And THINK about what you are voting for.The only thing worse than a corrupt politician is a corrupt business-person. Unfortunately we have both now. So don't vote based on the lies they tell, vote based on affirmative actions they have taken. This isn't about political parties any more, it's a matter of not becoming a totalitarian regime.

Stay Strong!