It's time to pay attention

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I received an e-mail tonight from Pope Stern. The subject said, "It's time to pay attention." I immediately thought, what a perfect and timely message!  read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

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Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

The holiday season is always a busy one. And for many of us, we have a furlough day this Friday. All of which adds up to not much time to get everything done that you want to do.

So have a safe and happy holiday. And try to relax. You deserve it.

The Best Laid Plans…

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Welcome back. My plans for a great promotion for the site have certainly gone astray. I had hoped to be well under way by this point, but that just hasn't happened. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I can't give any details. What I can say is that I'm looking to give it another try to celebrate the New Year.  read more »

One year ago

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It's hard to believe that one year ago I made my very first blog entry. Ever. Anywhere.

And what a strange year it has been. We went into a major recession, which we still haven't climbed out of. We had the worst bargaining session that anyone I've spoken to seems to remember. (As of when I'm writing this, the bargaining is still on-going for different folks.) And, of course, this site went live.  read more »

Anti-Union. Anti-America.

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I had no idea what an impression I was making. This isn't the first time something like this has come up. But it certainly keeps growing.

I just found out that SEIU Local 503 staff have once again tried pumping someone I know for information about Eye On The 503. The story is that they're hearing from "people" that it's anti-union. No names mind you. And the staff haven't seen the site—or so they say.  read more »

Stop! Don't Ratify That Contract!

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Even after all this time, there are people dissatisfied with the DAS contract that has been negotiated. I'll admit that I'm one of them! Let's look at some of the reasons being given:  read more »

What is the proper role of organizers?

This is a question rather than an answer. The reason I ask it is that I have observed staff going beyond what I think their proper role should be. Staff makes no secret that they support certain candidates for office at the local and state levels. Is this proper? My guess is no. Staff regularly influence committee appointments, and according to a friend on the staff screening committee, staff coach candidates they want to pass and sometimes even accompany them to their interviews. Yes, according to my friend, staff have actually sat through the interviews with candidates they like.  read more »

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