DAS Bargaining Conference

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The DAS Bargaining Conference is coming up very soon! It will be held Saturday, August 15th, 2009 at the Holiday Inn at the Portland Airport. (The address is 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97220).

The conference runs from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Everyone is welcome. The Union only covers expenses for  bargaining delegates, officers, and a few others. Please refer to the attached Registration Form for more information.  read more »

DAS Bargaining Reaches Tentative Agreement

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The big news today is the announcement that the DAS bargaining teams have reached a tentative agreement. The following arrived by e-mail just before 3:00 AM this morning.

Dear SEIU member:

After eight months of negotiations, we have reached a tentative agreement with the State on a new two-year contract.

   read more »

July Bargaining Update

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Latest Updates: 28-Jul-2009

No update from the bargaining table yet. However, there is an update scheduled for those that work in the Capital Mall area. If you do, there's a unity break and frisbee toss scheduled for this Wednesday, June 8th, 2009. Details below:  read more »

June (No) Bargaining Update

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Latest Update: 1-Jul-2009

June began with a rip-roaring start for bargaining. OK. It didn't. It started off horrendously.

On June 3rd the following message was sent out:  read more »

May Bargaining Update

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Updates: 31-May-2009

Update: Be sure to check the comments for ongoing updates about this month's bargaining.

We're back to the Central Bargaining Table tomorrow, May 4th. What can be expected? That's hard-to-tell. 

There was a state wide action day on April 27th. This included many people calling Scott Harra, the Director of DAS. The calls were asking him to move forward with bargaining. In other words, tell Eva Corbin to stop stalling and work with us, rather than obstructing the process.  read more »

April Bargaining Update

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As expected, April is off to a slow start for bargaining. And don't expect much more to heppen this month. There's lots of work going on around the next budget, but until we get the final May forecast, no one is really going to be in any position to make decisions.

The short list of topics that have been discussed include:  read more »

March Bargaining

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UPDATED 26-Mar-2009 (see below)

The DAS bargaining team should have wrapped up two days of bargaining today. No word yet (at least to me) on what may have come out of the the effort. If you're one of the folks being kept in-the-loop, feel free to let us all know what is happening.  read more »

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