A Victory For Oregon

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Yes on 66 & 67

YES 54%

No 46%

The voters have spoken. Services for Oregonians won't be forced to make massive cuts just to support the  ever-growing gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots. Big business no longer gets to pay taxes at the same rate they've been paying since 1931. And those making significantly more than any of our members that we here at Eye On The 503 are familiar with will chip in a little extra as well.  read more »

Vote Yes on Measures 66 and 67

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Vote YES on Measures 66 and 67

Time is almost up. Get your ballots in today!

The "YES" Campaign

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The battle is on again! Big business and the wealthy want a free ride at our expense!

Last Tuesday, a series of signs went up all over, especially along the I-5 corridor between Portland and Salem. You may have seen them. They're the ones talling you to "Vote NO on Job Killing Taxes."

This is especially galling when you consider that some of the backers behind this initiative are the banks! Would those be the same banks that just got BILLIONS of dollars in Federal BAILOUT money? Why YES, they would!  read more »

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