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This site seems like a good idea, but doesn't get used it the name?

I know that some brothers and sisters in 503 think this is an "anti-503" site, but I haven't read anything that gave me that impression. The only hang up I see is the name "eye on the 503" because it's so similar to the anti-SEIU union, NUHW, which has a web site called "Eye on SEIU."
I'd like to see this site become a worthwhile, constructive forum for good union members to express themselves. Just a thought, would changing the name possibly help?
-Buck Eichler, SEIU 503 retirees

When you don't vote…

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I'm sure you know what happens to a kitten. A cute, cuddly kitten.

Now, for all of you who didn't vote just because you hate kittens, shame on you!

I knew there wasn't much participation in the union voting. What I didn't realize was exactly how poor the participation really is! Seriously, it's bad!  read more »

Voting continues with Local Officers

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More important elections are on-going

Congratulations are due to our newly elected Board of Directors. Ballot counting was finished on Saturday, March 6th, 2010. Bart Lewis, President of the Retirees Local 001 and chair of the elections committee, called the candidates personally to let them know the election results. If you would like to see the entire list of Directors, go to the SEIU 503 web site. It's posted prominently on the front page.  read more »

Get in the vote for your Board of Directors

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BallotVote Now for your Board of Directors

Ballots for the Board of Directors have been mailed and you should be receiving them shortly if you haven't already. They were sent on February 8, 2010. If you still don't have yours by next week, you may want to contact SEIU 503 HQ for a replacement. They are due February 24, 2010 so you want to have enough time to return your ballot for counting.  read more »

A Victory For Oregon

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Yes on 66 & 67

YES 54%

No 46%

The voters have spoken. Services for Oregonians won't be forced to make massive cuts just to support the  ever-growing gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots. Big business no longer gets to pay taxes at the same rate they've been paying since 1931. And those making significantly more than any of our members that we here at Eye On The 503 are familiar with will chip in a little extra as well.  read more »

Vote Yes on Measures 66 and 67

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Vote YES on Measures 66 and 67

Time is almost up. Get your ballots in today!

It's time to pay attention

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I received an e-mail tonight from Pope Stern. The subject said, "It's time to pay attention." I immediately thought, what a perfect and timely message!  read more »

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