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The death of SEIU 503?

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Things don't look good on the Measure 64 front. The results are still unofficial, but right now they're showing:

Yes Votes 723,351 50.45%
No Votes 710,409 49.55%

I know that Measure 64 is bad. It will hurt the union. It will hurt other worthy charities.

But has anyone looked at the positive effects that could come from this?  read more »

Another day, another lawsuit

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Naughty Joe continues his good work. As everyone has probably heard, Judge Norblad issued a judgement against Joe back in February 2008. I'm sure he was devastated that Judge Norblad was so blind as to not see the obvious view that Joe was right, and everyone else was wrong.

Joe is nothing if not resourceful and resilient. He filed a claim with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). In August, BOLI ruled that SEIU 503 engaged in unlawful employment practices. Joe has taken this and run with it.  read more »

SEIU 503 C&Bs

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Check out the forums where the current Constitution and Bylaws have been posted. What's good, bad, or just ugly about them? What changes do we want to see?

As soon as the updated versions from General Council 2008 are available, we'll get them posted. Then we can do a comparison and evaluate the changes made. If word from GC is correct, we may not be happy with some of the changes made.

Post your comments and let your voice be heard!

New Statewide Officers

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Drumroll please...

President: Linda Burgin
Vice President: Sonya Reichwein
Secretary-Treasurer: Barbara Casey
Executive Director: Leslie Frane

Congratulations to the winners!

Now the real work begins. On November 14th, everyone gets sworn in. On the 15th is the first meeting of the new Board of Directors.

Many grand statements were made on the campaign trail to get us to this point. With the elections over, it's time to start delivering on those promises that got everyone elected. That is the job of all our elected union officials.  read more »

Vote for Statewide Officers!

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Don't forget to vote for your Statewide Officers. The ballots are due in Bend (not Salem) on October 14, 2008. That's only 6 short days away!

Enemy mine

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In the not too distant past, the members of SEIU 503 were betrayed by someone within the organization. Ron Wiggins, one of our organizers, took a position with the HR group at the Department of Human Services (also known as the Department of Moral Superiority). That's right, one of the people supposed to help protect our members rights is now working in direct opposition to us.  read more »

Blogging on the 503

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So here I am writing my first blog. The irony is that I don't like blogs. However, it seemed an appropriate vehicle in this case.  read more »

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