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What do we want?... More substantive dialogue! When do we want it?... Yesterday!

I'm just going to confess. I'm weary of our little shout outs. I don't think they are effective, in fact I suspect they piss more people off than they convert to our cause. We ought to rethink our methodologies. We need to disseminate good, well detailed information, confronting the tough questions, not side-stepping or spinning them.

Purging the infidels out of the party, are the Republicans onto something?

It is often said that Democrats have a wide tent. As one with a long background in structural inspections, I would remind us that once a tent structure reaches a certain critical width, it will collapse. I've witnessed the Democratic Congress collapse under it's own 60 vote weight on issues critical to American working families. The Republicans have shown unity. The Democrats are self-destructing. I can't say it any plainer.  read more »

This site seems like a good idea, but doesn't get used much.....is it the name?

I know that some brothers and sisters in 503 think this is an "anti-503" site, but I haven't read anything that gave me that impression. The only hang up I see is the name "eye on the 503" because it's so similar to the anti-SEIU union, NUHW, which has a web site called "Eye on SEIU."
I'd like to see this site become a worthwhile, constructive forum for good union members to express themselves. Just a thought, would changing the name possibly help?
-Buck Eichler, SEIU 503 retirees

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