What do we want?... More substantive dialogue! When do we want it?... Yesterday!

I'm just going to confess. I'm weary of our little shout outs. I don't think they are effective, in fact I suspect they piss more people off than they convert to our cause. We ought to rethink our methodologies. We need to disseminate good, well detailed information, confronting the tough questions, not side-stepping or spinning them.


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What kind of dialogue are you wanting to jump-start here? Is there some sort of disillusionment you're experiencing, or is the door wide open for commentary about anything? It seems to me that folks can be a bit fearful of repercussions if they were to share unpopular sentiments here. The SEIU police may be eavesdropping, perhaps? I don't know. It could happen. (smile)

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Be specific, who are you pissing off? At least the members with enough guts to read can be reached. It is the ones that do nothing and expect the Union to do everything for them with no involvement that are so depressing.

Keep it up! Report some good news about a member who helped someone, who overcame an illness or a challenge. I take your shout outs as trying to talk, you are one of us, not someone trying to tell us what to do.

I for one thank a strong Union voice. You are heard, but so many only nod their heads and agree without committing even to using a keyboard.
Don't give up, helping one person is helping us all.


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I'm sorry I didn't see these replies earlier. I'm not talking specifically about SEIU, and I guess I should be because that's the focus of this site. I was referring to the numerous progressive organizations I work with, many times on the same issues we face in the union. For instance, one group (not SEIU) wants all their members to go to Greg Walden's office about health care. We've been there and done that, and he's a Republican who's adamantly opposed. Exerting pressure on this guy is a total waste of time. I've done it half a dozen times on lobby days, local actions and even on a couple trips to DC. He just scrapes us off his shoe. However, he is malleable on some issues. For instance, he's really not opposed to gay rights, and I think he would support legislation if we can figure out a way to present it that won't cause his base to put his head on a stick and parade through the village until they get to the soccer field where they use his head for a... well, you get the idea.
I think he also may be somewhat receptive to the State Bank push if it's carefully presented so as to avoid the land mine issues of Government competing with private industry, etc.

So my point is, let's think about talking to the Republican legislators only on the issues we have some chance of getting them to move toward. It seems like just flinging ourselves at them on issues they oppose doesn't pressure them, but just builds walls.
Look, they know we're not going to vote for them. Many of us who see them may not even live in their district. Let's make our face time count for something.