Is SEIU heading in the right direction?

There seems to have always been factions within all unions. In SEIU, we have a strong contingent of those who would adhere to militant labor traditions, especially embracing and maintaining a perpetually adversarial role toward management. Some of these would rather dissolve all labor-management committees, and enter bargaining as avowed enemies.
We were moving toward a more cooperative role under Andy Stern, but now there seems to be a sentiment among leadership to return to such militancy and confrontational direct action tactics.
In the recent December 2011 foray to Occupy DC, there seemed to be an effort to herd Occupy efforts away from the overarching theme of the disenfranchisement of millions of Americans and toward smaller, more practical incremental projects. Is this wise? Was there a hope that they might focus their efforts on the 2012 elections? I would question the wisdom of that as well.
Why not work with management in areas of common interest? There is a pretty vast area of common interest, particularly in the public sector. This is how we win the hearts and minds of the public, not merely by forming alliances with progressive Portland causes. In fact such efforts will provide low returns. Progressive causes are generally remarkably isolated from one another, and often find themselves competing for the same dollars and volunteers. There is little sense of loyalty when another cause falls outside the scope of mission.