DAS Contract Ratified

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The vote came in with 88% voting yes.

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Re: DAS Contract Ratified

I forgot to attach the official DAS ratification notice sent out on September 16th:

Members of the DAS unit have overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year contract by an 8-1 margin. And while few of us would celebrate a contract that freezes steps for a year, has no general increase and includes 10-14 furlough days, the 88% yes vote affirms our belief that this settlement represents a fair result given the economic times we are in. Our health coverage has been maintained, the 10th step assures an ultimate pay increase for all workers and services will be preserved for Oregonians grappling with a 12.2% unemployment rate. We have also made real progress in contractor accountability, and classification of front-line workers.

We can hold our heads high only because we lobbied and chanted, went on radio and into the streets, and won support in the community and the legislature. But make no mistake. The journey is not over. The strides we have made on such issues as tax fairness, service quality and shared sacrifice will surely come under attack and we must be vigilant in their defense.

For more information, including a comment from DAS Bargaining Chair Kermit Meling, please log on to [SEIU 503].