Happy First Birthday!

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Happy First Birthday to Eye On The 503!

Birthday Cake

This month, we're celebrating the one year anniversary of the site.

For those that don't know, here's a brief timeline:

  • The site was actually started in April 2008.
  • In May 2008, it was brought up with Local 200 officers as an option to use for communications other than the groups provided by a major web-based company.
  • We agreed to hold off doing anything until after General Council and the Statewide Officer Elections.
  • After General Council, we received no response to re-opening discussions from the leadership. They had also gone ahead with their very exclusive group.
  • With no local support, and lots of issues that should concern all members of SEIU 503, we went "live" on September 24th, 2008. Check out our first official posting.


Where are we today?:

  • We have ongoing visitors in the triple-digits each month. It's a little hard to get an exact number since we allow anonymous visitors to participate as well. So the best we can do is get the total count and remove the obvious spammers and hackers from the count.
  • Until the recent bargaining events, the web analytics companies reported that readers consistently spent more time and viewed more information at Eye On The 503 than on the SEIU 503 web site. Those are averages of course, and is subject to how those companies gather their information.  Of course we don't have anywhere near the total traffic that SEIU 503 does. But we're working on it.
  • Actual participation has been, perhaps unsurprisingly, low. We obviously need to market ourselves better. We'd also like to encourage everyone visiting to pass the site address on to their co-workers.
  • We have a back-log of things to start covering. It's been a little difficult to focus on some of the issues when we've been facing the current economic problems and the horrendous (non-)bargaining for the new biennium.

Thanks for being one of our readers. We'll continue to work to bring you more information about the things that the membership needs to know. In closing, sit back, relax, have a piece of cyber-birthday cake (it's fat free and zero calories!), and start posting!


Re: Happy First Birthday!

After a contract is signed the members tend to forget their gripes against their Union then they tend just to forget they are in a Union. As the next contract rolls around they start wondering what "the Union" is going to do for them. By the time any new thought is given to Unions, solidarity, and paychecks the budget has been finalized, the deals have been cut with the politicians and Unions are back to collective begging in place of collective bargaining. Next time anyone says anything negative about this site remember that it is far easier to tear someone down than to build something up. Reading "Eye" is like looking in a mirror for Maine. We have been hit harder than ever, the legislature is probably going to come back for more....contract not withstanding. In the meantime the membership won't join a phone bank, resents being asked for a contribution and forgets they are the Union. I hope the Eye keeps up the good work.

[Ed.: This post was originally attempted on 4-Oct-2009 and has been recovered—see this forum post for more information.]