Get in the vote for your Board of Directors

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BallotVote Now for your Board of Directors

Ballots for the Board of Directors have been mailed and you should be receiving them shortly if you haven't already. They were sent on February 8, 2010. If you still don't have yours by next week, you may want to contact SEIU 503 HQ for a replacement. They are due February 24, 2010 so you want to have enough time to return your ballot for counting.

You are eligible to vote for both Directors for both your employer and your geographic region. Be sure to return both ballots.

There is a lot of turnover on the Board of Directors this year. This is an opportunity to bring in new leadership that is aligned with the membership rather than the current regime. 


  Voting recommendations:

  • Read each candidate statement carefully. Did the candidate really provide any useful information, or did they just give you a bullet list of their "accomplishments?"
  • Don't vote for a candidate just because their name is familiar. Knowing a candidate's name doesn't mean they will be a good leader, or that you know their name because of something positive you've heard about them. Do you know the name Adolf Hitler? Would you vote for him if he was running?
  • Choose for yourself, not based on what someone tells you to choose.
  • Beware of SEIU 503 staff who appear to be shilling for any candidates. While they are entitled to their opinion, it's not their job and should not be done on union time. Since it is hard to differentiate when they are working vs. not working, it is our position that they should not attempt to influence member voting.
  • Don't return a blank ballot. If you don't like any of the candidates, write yourself in. This way they know you didn't forget to vote and you get to show your dissatisfaction with the candidates. Be aware that you could win with a single vote, however it is highly unlikely with 58 candidates for the 23 seats on the Board of Directors. Phony names or fictional characters don't count, so avoid the temptation.


 Candidates are encouraged to campaign here on Eye On The 503. Create your own posts, or join in over in the forum.