Happy and safe holidays

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I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season.

It has been an interesting month. First I was away for some scheduled time off. Then I returned just in time for to be blocked in by all of the snow and ice. Between the two events, I wasn't at the office for almost a month. It makes me glad that we had a good contract negotiation in 2007--we kept all of the vacation time, got our Personal Business, etc. I'm sure that a lot of people had to use some of that time.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that we don't have another bout of weather quite as bad this winter. I know that I've enjoyed all the "vacation" time that I can stand (or afford to take). Plus I don't want to embarass myself like the one day I did try to get out; I managed to get out of the driveway and discovered the layer of thick, wet ice that was insulated under the layers of snow and ice on top of it. Even chained up, I couldn't get out, so my car was stuck, backed out into the street. After chiseling the ice I managed to get back into the driveway, but how embarassing!

Happy Holidays everyone.


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