A new cry to rally

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Well I hope everyone attended today's rally activities. I know that I saw a few faces that I don't normally see at union events. That's a good sign that people are starting to realize how serious the situation is. (Or maybe they just wanted the free t-shirts and food).

While we were out-and-about, we were chanting the usual rally cry that we use:

          What do we want?
          When do we want it?

And then it came to me, I don't want a contract. I don't want it now. Why not? Because we're asking for the wrong thing!

Management has already offered us a contract. You remember...pay freezes, furlough days, lost steps, no COLA, no paid holidays, worship at the feet of Eva Corbin. Yeah, that one! I'm positive they'll give us that contract, and they'll do it right now.

I therefore submit that we need to rally to a slightly different cry:

          What do we want?
          A FAIR CONTRACT!
          When do we want it?

Ahhhh...that sounds better.

Always remember, when you ask for something, you just might get it.



"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias