Anti-Union. Anti-America.

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I had no idea what an impression I was making. This isn't the first time something like this has come up. But it certainly keeps growing.

I just found out that SEIU Local 503 staff have once again tried pumping someone I know for information about Eye On The 503. The story is that they're hearing from "people" that it's anti-union. No names mind you. And the staff haven't seen the site—or so they say.

So to any staff that may be reading, please pass on to your colleagues that maybe they shouldn't be passing judgement on something they say they know nothing of. And more importantly, tell them to contact the site directly.

That goes for all of you readers. If you have something to say about the site, you're welcome to contact us. Or join in and participate. Share your viewpoint. Don't hide like scared sheep.

Now lets talk about anti-union. I don't believe myself to be anti-union. In fact, if you review what I've posted, you'll see that what I do is to bring up topics that many would like to leave buried. If that doesn't agree with the mindless lackeys of the status quo, I'm not sorry.

If you've been reading, you should also note that I try to provide some sort of alternative, or solution, to the issues I bring up. I don't always have a solution. If I don't, I try to say so. Many minds working together should be able to come up with something after all. After all, it's a simple matter to destroy the union; it's much more difficult to support the union through non-partisan change.

So, to be clear, here are some options for a solution for those that think the site is anti-union:

  1. Go bury your heads in the sand again.
  2. Contact the site directly.
  3. Speak your own mind by becoming an active participant on the site. Even if you do so anonymously.

And, if you are still concerned, you have much bigger things to be worried about. Just take a look at the ends to which I'll go.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias


Re: Anti-Union. Anti-America.

I love unions as a whole, and ours in particular. I haven't seen any content on this site that I consider anti-union. Members should question and criticize as the need arises. It doesn't make them anti-union.